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A large scoop whoop for learning German online

Learning German online is the new mantra to build the skill sets and becoming the tycoon. It’s the best combination of time management to upgrade and evolve your skill sets.

German Tutor has set new standards for all the aspirants like you who are willing to peruse their dream of becoming multilingual or who want to highlight their skill sets with one new star. After decades of experience and years of teaching German Tutor has now extended its province in teaching German classes online.

Being the most rewarded and honoured German Learning institute in Kharadi, Viman Nagar, Pune. Our team has extended the new wing shift for training the students online. What are you waiting for? Join the online class program and be the part of the mega online classroom located in Kharadi, Viman Nagar, Wadgaon-Sheri, Pune.

Students can Contact us/WhatsApp on 8408055855 to join the Online Class Program.

Benefits of online German Language teaching Pedagogy at German Tutor:       

  1. It offers leverage to learn at your own predilections.
  2. Scope of acquiring other degrees at the same time.
  3. It’s comforting and flexible with online classes.
  4. It comes with opportunities to focus on many goals.
  5. It’s an effective way to learn and concentrate.
  6. More personalized learning approach.
  7. Easily accessible with zero hassle.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How German online classes are conducted?

A. We conduct online classes through an interactive session on Google Meet or Google Classroom. Once you have joined, we connect you through Google meet or Google Classroom by sending you the ID-link to participate in the session. 
We conduct classes in three batches Morning, Afternoon and Evening. Interested students can Contact us/WhatsApp on 8408055855 to join the online class program.

Q. Which pattern is used in the online class program?

A. We follow MMB pattern to meet the standards. Also, we offer special batches for MMB external examination preparation. Apart from this we also provide learning sessions to students who want to cover the state board and school curriculum.

Q. How much time it takes to complete one level?

A. We offer extensive coaching to our students and make them understand each point in detail. We hold expertise in covering all levels from A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2. Each level is successfully completed in 2 Months with proper examination and certification.

Q. What is the Fee online class program?

A. We offer the most discounted, affordable and competitive online package for our students. The fees for each course is Rs. 10000/- (i.e. Rs. 5000/Month)

Q. Can I ask questions during the online class?

A. Yes! Students can feel free to ask the question. 
Once the online session is over, a Question & Answer round begins where all your questions are highlighted and answered at the same time.

Q. What are the available batches?

A. We conduct the online sessions in three batches i.e. Morning Batch, Afternoon Batch, and Evening Batch. After completion of the lockdown phase (21 Days), proper batches would be formed considering your availability.

Q. Can I discontinue the online class program and re-join in the next batch?

A. Yes! Students can discontinue the online class program in case of an emergency and re-join the next batch (within 3 months). There will be no separate charges for re-joining the batch.

Q. Is there any instalment option available?

A. We love your enthusiasm to learn the German language and wish money should not be the problem. Hence, we offer liberty to pay your course fees in instalments. Pay it in instalments of Rs 3500/- each.

Q. Is the course fee refundable?

A. No. As per German Tutor coaching policy fees cannot be refunded.

Q. How I can get the study material?

A. We can guide you to get your study material. You can either order them or download them easily.

Q. Do you provide a job guarantee?

A. No. We strictly offer learning sessions in our institute and do not offer or recommend any job opportunity. We are good at counselling and offering career guidance in the German language.

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