Foreign Languages

Foreign Language Classes - German, French, Japanese, and Spanish

Is it really necessary to learn foreign languages or is it just a societal status symbol? The answer is “YES, it is the need of the era to get proficient in four of the major foreign languages as per your requisites”. The four important foreign languages are German, French, Japanese, and Spanish. These languages will open up the gates to an adventure land full of possibilities. The voyage you want to set out can be any or a combination of these prospects-

1)  Business expansion in the foreign land or acquiring foreign clientele.

2)  Advanced studies in foreign countries.

3)  Better career opportunities in a dream country of your own.

4)  A hobby of traveling around the world and exploring different cultures.

5)  Sharpening your cognitive and intellectual skills with learning different foreign languages.

We at YLA believe that at this moment when you have landed on our website, you must have already strategized the requisite of learning foreign language goal in mind. It’s time for you to decide the best foreign language classes providing institute in PUNE. Take out a pen and paper and let us make pointers to help you choose the best.


Foreign language classes in PUNE with YLA Foreign language classes in PUNE with others Score (on a scale of 1 to 5)
1. We offer flexibly scheduled classes as per every individual’s comfort and convenience. 1. The individual has to make himself available as per the schedule of the classes in other institutes. YLA-5 Others-2
2. We have exceptionally trained, assessed, interviewed, grilled and picked the best out of the lot veteran foreign language class tutors at YLA. 2. They also have experienced staff, but the process of assessing their teaching competencies and experience may or may not be as tough as ours. YLA-5 Others-4
3. Accredited course curriculum and exams. 3. Accredited course curriculum and exams. YLA-5 Others-5
4. Low student to teacher ratio, which makes it very convenient and easy for a student to learn foreign languages at an apt pace. The methods and technologies used are very logical and innovative. Also, the teachers at YLA put their extra efforts to break down the complex grammatical structures into simpler tools. This way they make learning a seamless process for every individual brain. Also, the concepts once taught resides permanently with every student’s brain. 4. The teaching efforts are generic and they guarantee the course completion in a fixed amount of time. This seems a bit uncomfortable for those students who want it to take slow or who can learn the things fast. YLA-5 Others-3
5. Long-term association, online assistance, & prompts in guiding our students even during the 11th hour of need & job assistance. 5. Long-term association with not so prompt services. YLA-5 Others-4

These 5 pointers will help you scoop out the best foreign language classes from the categorization and as seen above; YLA scores the best in the category. Based on the objective & the institute, it’s now time to decide as to which foreign language to learn to gain maximum career benefits.
The foreign languages make you foreign ready. It lets you embrace new cultures, learn new ideas, techniques, and technologies and be innovative. It makes traveling to different parts of the world easy and enjoyable. The wide spectrum of foreign language classes in Pune is, as mentioned below;

German- The need of the hour!
The German language is very much similar to English because they share the same roots. Hence, it is easy to learn for those all who speaks fluent English. Learning German has a strategic and logical approach to it by studying it smartly. Expertise can be easily acquired even by tracing the shortcut path to quickly learn German.
Also, German is the widely spoken language in most parts of Europe. So, if the career or business opportunity demands you to take a flight to a European country; YLA advice you to train your brain in German.

French- The style statement!
A language which is known to be the international status symbol. It is the most commonly taught languages in almost every other schools in India and other continents of the world. It is the 3rd widely spoken language after English and German.
Learning French is a pretty much sought after requisite from knowledge, career, and other business and educational opportunities in foreign countries.

Japanese- Cracking a deal!
Japan is the Asian neighbor of India. Also, it has a large number of big business brands like Sony, Toshiba, Sanyo, Casio, Canon, Minolta, Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, etc. These entities host a number of business growth and opportunities for an Indian in Japan.
Hence, it is advantageous to take a Japanese language course from YLA foreign language classes in Pune.

Spanish- The smart decision!
Spanish is spoken in most developing regions. It holds economic, social, and cultural importance in most parts of the USA. If an opportunity is knocking your door from America, it is advisable to quickly register yourself in the YLA foreign language classes in Pune for learning Spanish. This will broaden your spectrum in the whole American continent in terms of education, business, political, or cultural sectors.
We believe we have already planned out the itinerary for your upcoming language excursion. YLA’s foreign language classes in Pune will make you continent ready with native language experience and exposure. As soon as you complete your training, the only task will be to pack your bags and get set GO!

Foreign language classes in PUNE for grooming Corporate Professionals

In any profession, it’s every professional’s dream to climb the ladder of success rapidly. An intellectual-professional topped with foreign language expertise is a cake with whipped cream icing for any organization. For a well-established firm or a start-up, the road to progress lies with interacting and being open to clients from all over the globe. Gone are the days when excellent grades and versatile technical skills would have won the shining badges on your CV. Today, as an organization or as an individual; a 3-star proficiency in foreign languages is very much desirable. The only foreign language training classes in Pune which make this job easier by providing on the go corporate training is YLA.
The strategic approach to imparting foreign language or German language training in YLA has two doors.
Corporate in-house training
The first in-house training door will lead you to a room in your own office premises. Here, our German language training will be tailor-made to suit your organizational requisites. We provide German classes to either inter-project group of professionals or to all the staff as a whole.

Corporate training at YLA institute
The second door will lead you to the YLA institute either as an individual student or with a group of colleagues or peers to learn German. Irrespective of the corporate training entry door, the strategies of training and the outcome will be the same; ten out of ten.

Corporate training eligibility assessments by YLA
Both the doors will lead to the rewarding exit gate of German language proficiency from YLA. The goal is to improve and hone the Business language etiquettes and skills to ignite the lamp of success while dealing with the clients from foreign countries. Our training and assessments ascertain that the German language learning curve is rising and not straight or declining. We do not entertain more than 20 persons in a class so as to not miss the individual focus to bring out the desired proficiency.

Corporate training strategy of YLA
Imparting foreign language training to the professionals is a task of high responsibility and subtle precision. We understand that and are proficient in that. YLA has an analysis database wherein the corporate employees’ language competency skills are analyzed on various foreign language training parameters. We also have an automated software system which computes the result of each individual professional on the business skills platform.
Based on these results and the client requirements, we then prepare the schedule, bifurcate the professional groups and set the time, course and syllabus for the training. The corporate staff is then trained and upgraded on reading skills, writing skills, vocabulary, GDs, rhetorical skills, and other global language business etiquettes.

Your concerns and our solutions
Here are some general curious shadows of doubt that arises in a human brain who are seeking to learn German or any other foreign language.
Concern- Is learning German/foreign languages an open platform for everyone?
YLA clarification- Yes, of course. Let’s see who all falls under this category.
1)  A person who is keen to upgrade his communication skills on a global level is the right fit to take foreign language classes.
2)  A person who foresees a positive future in advanced studies, career, business demands, or leisure convenience in a global world.
3)  A person who wants to behave like a native in another country of the world, who is punctual, sincere and has time to attend all the foreign language class training.
4)  A person who is hungry for a versatile knowledge base like books, movies, literature, heritage, history, etc.
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