Do Foreign Languages Ensure Better Pay Package For IT Professionals

With languages, you are at home anywhere”!! This stands very true in today’s time when the world has become connected like never before! While language learning was considered a mere hobby few decades ago, today it has become a necessity. Today there are plenty of opportunities and advantages of learning a foreign language.

As discussed in my previous blog, (Read: The Art and Science of German Language) Globalization is ‘the’ factor because of which people across continents are taking foreign language as a fully-fledged career. It is also needed to enhance the scope for your present work opportunity. Engineering and engineers, in particular, are required to be well versed with a second language as their work profile is dynamic and scope is expansive. Countries in particular like Germany, Japan, China & Russia are an engineers’ hub. These countries are always on a scientific exploration and technological advancement in every sphere. If you plan to settle abroad, then learning one of the languages can really help.

Do Foreign Languages Ensure Better Pay Package For IT Professionals

Benefits of being Multilingual

Although, bilingual candidates are highly desirable and preferred, IT professionals are not guaranteed better pay package if they can speak more than one language. But this should not disappoint you at all. Studies have shown that a candidate is given weight-age above others if they can speak more than one popular global language. Hence, your chances of being shortlisted for international projects are high. If you work for a multinational company, then learning the language that's spoken in their base country makes sense. Similarly, if you plan on getting a job abroad, learn at least a bit of the native language of that country before you go.

According to a report in 2013, more than 60% of companies are facing language barriers when initiating foreign trade. This can be a serious roadblock in times of globalization where cross culture communication is the need of the hour.

Let’s take a quick look at 5 of the most popular foreign languages and understand their pros and cons:

  1. German: We have already discussed at length in the previous blog regarding the importance of learning German. With over 110 million native speakers and 52 million non-native speakers, German makes to the list of top languages that engineers and IT professionals can learn. An interesting point to note here is, learning German during your school college days can benefit you hugely as you can access advance courses from best of the universities in Germany at a fraction of the actual cost! Also, India has a great deal of economic interest with Germany. Being the biggest importer of Indian product among the European countries, German can definitely help in strengthening one’s career.

  2. Spanish: The official language of 22 countries, you can’t afford to ignore Spanish!! Spanish is the native language of 470 million people and the language has at least 100 million non-native speakers. Apart from Spain, it is the most widely spoken language in Central and South America. With stronger bilateral and diplomatic relations between India and US there will always be demand for Spanish in India.

  3. French: French is a language of international excellence—the official language of many international organizations like the UNO, EU, AU, NATO, FIFA, IOC, ISA, and more. France is the sixth biggest economy in the world and Paris is the fashion and cultural epicenter of the world. There are 80 million native French speakers and 153 million non-native speakers from countries like Sweden, Canada and others. The language allows plenty of scope for its speakers to work and interact with the people of at least 51 countries across the globe.

  4. Mandarin; Chinese: China is the 2nd largest economy in the world, and it plays a significant role in the world economy. The country is hub to offices and manufacturing units of some of the biggest companies in the world, making Chinese speaking employees one of the most sought after people. One in every five people in the world speaks Chinese. So friends, Mandarin is definitely the choice for the future.

  5. Japanese: In a recent announcement by the Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council (ESC) of India, the IT industry is in the process of talking to State governments and engineering colleges to launch foreign language courses as it sets its eyes on the Japanese and Chinese markets. There is a huge appetite for Indian IT services and products in these countries and several other emerging countries like Australia, Korea and Hongkong to be specific. There is a need to focus on these markets to expand career opportunities. Japan is the second biggest market for the IT industry after the US. In case you want to take up engineering seriously, you must decide wisely on the language you intent to learn!

Language like Japanese and Mandarin are difficult to grasp, as their concept and structure is very different from popular languages like English, French and German. But since these economies are emerging as global influencers, knowing their language can not only help you communicate to a large population directly but also relate to them at culture levels.

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