The Art and Science of German Language

Published by Vasudha in German Language · 2 July 2019

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Internet, Communications, Technology are just a few factors transforming the world into a global village. The process is popularly known as Globalization. It has bought with it many additional scenarios such as; new emerging business avenues, cross-culture communication, scientific innovation and so on and so forth. But what is the significance of discussing it here? Globalization is the prime factor that has made learning about another country, their culture, their history and most prominently their language so important. Nowadays people travel to different continent not just for exploration but also for higher education, starting up a new business, etc. If we are well versed with the language of that country, life becomes much simpler for us.

The Art and Science of German Language

Because of Globalization, we no longer work for a single country or region. The world has become connected like never before. Companies are increasingly exploring newer opportunities to expand their business on a global level. To meet new business challenges, organizations look for candidates who have knowledge of a foreign language other than English. So for many, learning a language may add a lot of weightage during the selection process.

Today we are going to talk primarily about the language German and how German Tutor is a cut above the rest when it comes to learning foreign languages.

We all know that Germany is Europe’s biggest economy and German is the most sought after language in the continent. This is not all. From food, events, to globally recognized brands, German culture is widely adopted around the world. It’s a force to be reckoned with. Still not convinced? Let me share some quick facts that will help you reach an informed decision:

  • German Language is amongst the ten most commonly spoken languages across the globe
  • 18% of the world’s books are published in German and some of these are hardly translated to English
  • When it comes to Engineering, German wins hands down
  • German is the gateway to higher learning in any field.
  • German comes from the same language family as English!

The reasons are endless and the advantages too are infinite.

German Tutor, formerly known as Yash Learning Academy is Pune’s finest foreign language teaching centre focused to German language. We offer writing, reading and speaking expertise in 4 different foreign languages. Being in the education industry for over a decade now, German Tutor offers specially designed foreign language courses with quality content. Since inception in 2012 we have successfully taught hundreds of students and the numbers are increasing every day.

Our main forte is in teaching German; however we also specialize in French, Japanese and Spanish! We prepare students for certifications in A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 levels and also guide them for MMB external examinations. Our teaching techniques are goal oriented, clearly structured and varied. Experienced teachers, interactive and practical learning, flexible timing are the major attributes appreciated by our students. Our students have been a good mix of graduates, office goers, corporate biggies and home makers who have benefited from us for professional growth or just for personal experience.

Strategically located in Kharadi, Pune’s residential and business hub, German Tutor gets its fair share of attention and recognition. Even though it is miles away from the main city, Kharadi is well connected with all the major business and residential centers in Pune. Affluent schools following CBSE, IB and ICSE curriculum are nestled in this locality. This is not all; it has seen extensive IT, ITES and hospitality companies setting their base here. With ultra premium residences in demand here, Kharadi boasts of highest standard in civic infrastructure with wide roads and parks.

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Top 5 reasons to shake hands with German Tutor !

  1. We conduct foreign language classes in an easy, interactive, and interesting manner which makes the languages fun to learn.

  2. Our widespread curriculum pattern covers state board and MMB.

  3. We hone students for certifications in A1, A2, B1, B2 levels and also guide them for MMB external examinations.

  4. We host separate fast-track classes for making our students face external examinations with the confidence of fluency.

  5. German Tutor passed students can watch German movies, read German books without English subtitles or German to English Dictionary like a native.

German Tutor offers a range of teaching formats, including group and individual lessons, intensive and corporate courses and specialist language courses for professional groups such as doctors, engineers and nursing staff. We give free consultancy to help you pick a language that suits your career plan. Besides this, we also offer translation and interpretation service which is much more needed in the current globalization trend.

Somebody has very rightly said, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”. So folks, join German Tutor get confident and equipped for the future!