7 Reasons Why People Like Online Learning

Online Education or E-Learning has been challenging the traditional set-up of education since quite some time now. But that’s not all! It is gaining popularity and has garnered acclaim worldwide. Finding it difficult to believe? Let’s look at some statistics to make the validations true. Of the students in higher education institutions globally, 50% have enrolled for an online course in the past year. Almost 80% of companies have encouraged online learning platforms in 2017 among its employees, and in recent years it has continued to rise. Virtual education software is projected to reach $300 million USD in revenue by 2020.

These statistics give an interesting insight into how rapid the growth and popularity has been for Online Learning and how big the industry is still becoming worldwide. As rightly quoted by Bill Gates, “internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow” and we cannot ignore its significance.

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Let’s look at the reasons which have led to the rise of internet learning:

There might be a lot of reasons for people continuing education online. There may be a need to upgrade one’s skill in order to take that big jump professionally or for some it could be a long awaited dream to acquire a degree.  Someone must have always wished to study from a particular university or institution or one could be too burdened with circumstances and is unable to move out and take up the course of their choice. Whatever be the reason, online learning or virtual learning is the answer to all. It is one of the greatest revolutions in modern education, and it’s not difficult to see why E-learning market in India is estimated at more than 3 billion at present.

Let’s study the reasons in detail:

Career Advancement – World is hyper competitive presently and in order to stay at the top of their game professionals feel the need to keep updating their resumes from time to time. Hence, online learning is a preferred choice for them.

Makes You Stand Out – Once you are armed with all the required certifications and degrees you are confident to qualify for that dream job that you always wished for.  In a way it definitely helps you stand out in the rat race of professional world.

Global Interaction – Traditional learning is restricted to you and your teacher alone whereas with online learning - video clips, virtual tours, live sessions, and networking with renowned faculty and speakers worldwide is an added advantage.

Class Recordings – are a huge advantage of online classes. It facilitates students to revisit the sessions they have missed in the past. If you have missed a class, you can always play the recording and make up the session work. The ability to replay videos is a great advantage over classroom learning.

Saves Time – Online Learning is instrumental in saving one of the biggest resources in today’s’ era –Time! Yes folks! One can just sit back within the comfort of their home in their pajamas and continue studying without having the worry to take the next local to reach the educational centre. You can save the time there and complete an important office assignment or continue doing household chores or take care of your child simultaneously. 

It’s Cheaper – Absolutely! One doesn’t needs to refill petrol in their car or buy expensive and innumerable textbooks. As a result these courses are available at a fraction of the actual cost without any compromise in quality. So yes, it’s way cheaper than attending regular classes in a classroom.   

Retention is Higher – The need to finish the course materials in a short span of time is eliminated as one can decide the pace with which they want to undergo their sessions. This motivates an individual psychologically and makes learning a fun process.

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Closing Thoughts

E-learning is the future. It’s a booming industry, as these e-learning statistics clearly show.

It also has the potential to revolutionize the way we think about knowledge transfer. Learning is no longer restricted to you and your teacher alone. It’s just a mouse click away.

So friends, Be the captain of your own ship and let the dreams set sail!