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The pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 has shaken our lives and set new alarms for lockdown schedules. It has obligated us to channelize our lives digitally. With certainty I can tell, today our life is surrounded by many digital platforms and gadgets for running our daily chores like working from home, paying your bills, entertaining yourself, ordering essential goods, and many more.

Then why hesitate to pursue your German language learning courses online? Learning the German language online will make no difference in chasing your dream goal. We at German Tutor assure that each one of you gets the best knowledge at our institution.

Online German Language Classes

The Lockdown Session

The lockdown period has its pros and cons but let’s focus on the pros. It has given us the leveraging opportunity to upgrade our skills and portray the best example of time management. Grab the opportunity and join our online German learning courses today. German tutor as a team knows the need of the hour and has come up with an online platform for all aspirants like you who wish to continue their German language learning dream.

Leaning the German language online has become more prominent nowadays as it saves your time, resources, and money. It gives you the upper hand to join the online session from any place so no issue of commuting. Living in different cities will no longer be an issue in pursuing your German language learning goals.  

We have been hosting the online German classes in small batches so that each one of you gets the most personalized learning approach. With online learning, you also get the opportunity to focus on many goals. As per the teaching part is a concern, we follow the Max Muller pattern and robust examination pattern to evaluate our students. Each online class will enlighten you with listening, writing, and communicating skills.

Online German Language Learning Regime   

Learning German online is as simple as a click. Germen Tutor host the simple user-friendly way to join the online classes.

  • At German Tutor, we connect the online class with Google Meet/Google classroom. Once enrolled the joining Id and password will be provided to connect. Each session will last for 45-60 min. Followed by question and answer session so that each one of you comes to the same page. Hurry to get your first demo class



  • We provide online German language learning classes for all levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2. Each level completes in 2 months of the time period. Completion of each level is followed by a written test, a listening test, and group discussion.

  • We provide classes in three batches Morning. Afternoon and Evening. Depending on the strength of each batch number of batches and timings is made flexible.

  • All the study material can be purchased online or can be easily downloaded. No extra study material is needed to be bought from other sources.

  • We charge Rs.8000/- for each level. One can also pay in two instalments of Rs. 4000/-

  • If for any reason one fails to complete their online classes in the scheduled time period and wish to discontinue then no compensation will be provided. He/She can get the opportunity to re-join the online class as per the availability of the batches.  

German Tutor has stepped into the new horizon of online coaching. Our years of experience and students’ testimonies have made us proud and renowned as the number one German language learning institution in Viman Nagar, Kharadi, Wadgagon Sheri, Wagholi and among all parts of Pune.

What are you waiting for? Join the online German language learning community today!
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