German Tutor the New Social Distanced Classroom

Published by Priyanka in Foreign Language · 31 October 2020

Stepping into this outrageous pandemic of coronavirus has changed the entire definition of foreign language learning. Whether you are at a peaceful place enjoying your quarantine or following safety measures with social distancing or grieving about all the odds and feeling cooped up. Here is the best chance for people of all ages to stay active and be socially engaged during the lockdown. Learning a new foreign language is a new way to cope with your depression, anxiety, and cabin fever.

Accepting the new mantra of online learning in an emergency like this is the new normal of language learning. Online language learning has become the primary mode of instruction for millions of students around the world. German Tutor is one such institute that has grabbed the opportunity and planned to execute the most engaging blended learning curriculum with video lessons, podcasts, and engaging activities that make the entire experience of online language learning worthwhile and productive.

Online language learning has special resonance and popularity among all the students and working professionals. Our 600+ students have set new benchmarks for all the new aspirants. With the guidance of certified teachers, German Tutor has achieved its goal of educating and guiding their students for the international certification exams.

Social Distancing? Here’s how you can get the chance to learn the German language

German Tutor offers a blended course for German language learning. We set a great example of how combining technology and online language tutoring can help in addressing the current need for digitalization and flexibility in embracing the new norms of technology. German Tutor has explored new possibilities to integrate technology in language learning courses.

Flipping the old traditional methods of online language learning to a blended online language learning course using web-based interactive learning activities allowed us to apply differentiated learning strategies and more personalizing learning and teaching pathways for all our students.

German Tutor excels in tutting for all levels starting from A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2 and also preparing all the professionals for corporate tours and meetings. We provide good learning practice for learners preparing them for achieving their higher goals. As an advanced training practice, all experts at German Tutor train each student with fluency in speaking, mastering in listening skills, and writing skills.

The curriculum is divided into three parts:

  1. Process writing – In this part, we encourage students to generate creative ideas, boost the topic for class discussion, and build the skill in P.O.W.E.R. writing.

  2. Minutes of listening – Each class exercise is concluded with listening to podcasts, music, and watching movies in native languages which help them in mastering the listening skill.

  3. Mastering the fluency – Expressing your opinions in speaking helps to raise the confidence in large. Students are obliged to have their daily conversation in the German language this trains their brain to speak fluently.

The Best Practices that we follow in our virtual classroom

  • A more personalized learning experience for each student by supporting them with each supplemental resource for mastering their reading skill, listening skill, and writing skills.

  • Our experts are trained to execute the most precise learning path that all students can follow them autonomously with confidence.

  • We take the studies at higher edges and integrate both the asynchronous and synchronous lessons with proper study material and provide that to our students.

  • Timely assessments are conducted to review the progress of the students and with the completion of each test, certificates are awarded.

  • We opt for reliable video conferencing tools such as Google Meet or Google Classroom for conducting our classes.

As an online German language learning institution, we put high margins for our excellence and hard work in conducting and executing the online language learning programs. Our experts recognize that a great degree of motivation and educational support will help the students to master in their career.