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Published by Priyanka in Foreign Language · 11 July 2019

Writing moves the world and surely we did the same to you. With conviction, I can say that our previous blogs have definitely helped you in knowing the importance of learning a foreign language.

As you are convinced about the advantages and benefits of learning a foreign language, we know what still holds you back to get enrolled in a foreign language course.

This is an ideal question where each one of you is obvious to get confused:

1. Which foreign language to learn?

2. Which language has more demand in the future?

3. Which makes you more eligible for good-pay scale?

4. Which add more value in the market?

Not to worry, we are here to answer all your questions

Redefining your own ways for learning a foreign language

We all have different reasons to learn a new foreign language, but in an age of increasing globalization, necessity and importance of getting proficiency in a foreign language have definitely addressed an elephant in the room. I know, it may sound like a cliché but to remark my word, I would emphasize my point and say that in today’s globalized economy getting your CV accolades by a foreign language certification would positively boost your chances of getting hired and make you a better competitor among the race.

In this digital world, everything is connected by just one click.

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Therefore, each one of you is lured by the journey of learning a foreign language and reaping out its benefits ASAP. Without wasting your much time, I will directly jump on the context of the blog. Now a day’s the need for learning the language has surely turned the table-top, people getting certification in the foreign language are now counted as the multilingual force for many MNC’s. These multilingual forces are regarded as a true asset of the company.

Other foreign languages which are competing with your favorite one

According to Google trends French, Japanese, German, Spanish and Chinese are the top foreign languages which people are eager to learn. Statistically French is the most popular foreign language to learn in India. Following it, comes the German language which has myriad of reasons to learn as a foreign language. Note that, though German is easy to learn but has more challenging syntax than Spanish.

In this race, Spanish is also in demand and has become the official language of 20 different countries across the world. If you are perplexed between which East Asian languages should I choose? Then hear this, in recent years India has increased skyrocketing trade between India and Japan.

I know, “What are you thinking?” Choosing the right foreign language to learn is a very subjective thing and often a daunting task. But be wise and study the analytics and understand the scope of learning a foreign language across the globe before selecting it as your concrete goal.

Globalization has opened many doors on a daily commute and has extended business in the international market. To meet the demand, liaise is needed which is fulfilled by aspirants like you.

Sarah Caldwell once quoted, “Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can; there will always come a time when you will be grateful that you did it”

Foreign languages like Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Russian and Arabic are gaining popularity among the youths. Though analytics is low but its importance is high, companies are asking their employees to get enrolled for the foreign language course as business in the international market is growing.

To end this baffled state, understand some essential pointers before rushing towards your decision.

Top 5 foreign languages, which are gaining the limelight

Fellas, if you intend to stay competitive and get an edge over others, considering these pointers will surely help you in carving your own way. So let’s begin.

1. Portuguese

Portuguese is an official language of Brazil and over 250 million people are fluently speaking this. Among the most spoken foreign languages, Portuguese ranks 6th in the place and holds great importance in our current list of top 5 foreign languages which are in the limelight.

Portuguese has a deep connection with India as it once ruled in Goa. Goa has become the hometown for many Portugal cultures traditions. Out of love localities has still kept the Portuguese aroma and encourage others to be in the same vibe by screening films, music concerts, and seminars.

But the Indians took it as a jackpot and grab the opportunity to learn the foreign language as many IT companies are on the hunt for a Portuguese language specialist. Need for proficiency in the Portuguese language is on rising and useful for many wised arrays of companies like Allegis, IBM, Amazon, Accenture, etc.

The experts predict that the scope for the proficiency in the Portuguese language will reach the sky as there will be an impressive expansion of business and trade between India and Lusophones.

2. Italian

Italy unfolds the immense treasure of fascinating culture, delicious cuisine, exhilarating history, and mellifluous accents. The good books don’t end here, being the 8th wealthiest country in the world, Italy offers myriad Jobs in various industries like construction, machinery, robotics, space engineering, graphic designing, culinary arts and many more. These professions are in need of people who have chosen the Italian language as a career.

Besides “Made in Italy” is the third most recognized brand in the world. You have to be thankful for globalization, outsourcing and offshore trades which has opened new gateways for varied jobs in MNC’s like Fiat, Gucci, Diesel, Pinnacle and more.

With such great opportunities, Indians are highly encouraged to study Italian as a foreign language and achieve proficiency through tests like CELI or CILS.

3. Korean

Indian market is flooded by Korean products and services, big Korean companies like LG, Samsung, Hyundai, Kia, Lotte, etc. have an enormous impact on the Indian markets. Korea has a strong growing economy and holds a 7th position in the World for the export economy.

Beside this Korean companies are catering numerous jobs to outsiders who have a proficiency in the Korean language. Getting acquainted with the Korean language and a certification from the renowned institute will surely help in recognizing your resume.

Indians are showing immense interest in Korean companies as they offer an excellent package and the competition is less than compared to other places in the world.

4. Russian

Russian is the most widely spoken language of Eurasia and is recognized as the largest native language in Europe.

Over 300 million people speak this language across the globe. India and Russia have good historical relationship thus have myriad of opportunities in Engineering, Science & Technology, Oil & gas, and defense sector, etc.

The Russian government is taking a keen interest in teaching the Russian language to Indian’s so that the liaise will be strengthened and easy communication will proceed. Russian language is prevalent in India and is taught in several cities by universities. With the growth of the industry and trading in the private sector, the future and need of the Russian translators will be decided.

5. Arabic

Arabic is officially stated as one of the UN’s 6th language. It is spoken in 26 countries and indeed it is a global language. Proficiency in the Arabic language opens many gateways and opportunities to expand their business, government relations, education, and many more things. With over 300 million speakers it is has become the most widely spoken language in Western Asia and North Africa.

The Arab world has untapped the economic potential and unfolds the natural resources in great number. The almighty treasures of the Arab world are now open for other countries if you are planning to immigrate to middle-east countries like UAE, KSA, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, etc. having an upper hand in learning the Arabic language will definitely add stars to your profile.

“Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom”

- Roger Bacon

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