How German Tutor assists firms with foreign language services such as Corporate Training, Translation, & Recruitment

Published by Vasudha in Foreign language · 15 April 2019

We are an integral name in bridging the global communication gap by catering to all the foreign language services to our various clientele’. We have diverse services ranging from Corporate training, Translation, Interpretation, and Recruitment for all the Asian, European, American and other global languages.

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Our services are the best in class with the commitment to meet and complete your requirements successfully.

The gamut of our proficiency in foreign languages is widespread. Let’s measure them one by one.

Corporate Language Training

We present a methodical approach to establishing a language service association in terms of imparting foreign linguistic training to you. It is the step by step process best suited to fit your requisites. The focus-oriented approach is as follows-

  • Context-based corporate language training by which our trainers let you connect comprehensively with the alien lingo by introducing authentic contents like videos, articles, podcasts, etc.
  • A wide range of languages to choose from the national and international zones of communication. For e.g., French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Swedish, Dutch, or in Indian languages like Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, etc.
  • Cross-cultural training along with corporate language training to get gelled with the global business clientele by learning their manners, skills, and linguistic jargons.
  • Custom-made training programs to suit every corporate and individual skills, goals, and requisites.

Language Translation Services

We cater to the effective translation of all the important official, education, personal or any other content from one language to another with precision and accuracy. Our language experts are a team of Polyglots and certified translators with over more than 30 years of experience.

We follow a systematic language translation life cycle, which every content has to pass through. The smooth translation of alien lingo makes global connection easy for you. We follow the below approach to ensure flawless certified language translation services.

  • Source file review by the Business Head.
  • Document translation by the Translator.
  • Proof reading of the translated document by the vernacular editor.
  • Assessment of the quality of translation by the Quality Testing team.

Recruitment-Assisting firms in clever sourcing of language proficient aspirants

We heard you are hunting for language experts, but alas the recruits do not turn out to be as efficient as desired. This has happened not once, not twice, but frequently with many hires. Don’t worry! German Tutor is here to pick up the best from the lot.

We offer our skilled services to recruit the expert candidates as we identify their language pulse with our specialist fingers.

We breathe in the global language industry day-in and day-out, and hence we offer the best in-house solutions for all your recruitment complexities.

  • As per your requirement, we can either help you from the initial stages of recruitment or else we can join you in the later stages of scrutiny and assessment.
  • Once a candidate is screened, our language experts assess them on the scale of specific skills like grammar, vocabulary, elementary language use, independent language use, and autonomous language ability, regional culture knowledge, etc.
  • We further assess and evaluate candidates on the basis of specific language-oriented interviews and written exams.
  • We also provide you with certified intelligent language expert references who passes our language training courses with flying colors.
  • The end result of us assisting you or your corporate firms with global language experts is the best-sourced recruits who are definitely highly suitable to work for you.

Get set go from local to global with German Tutor

We are all geared up to meet the language needs of businesses and organizations with a positive language service association. All that we need from you are your briefs, requisites, and all your woes. In return, all that you get is our commitment, trust, and the widening of your global horizon.

Let’s connect!

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