In Germany, No English and here’s how you can excel!

Published by Priyanka in Foreign Language · 05 August 2020

Having zero command on the German language is no excuse to survive in the foreign land. Strike back to make your place and be part and parcel of the community to better understand the realm. Being in Germany demands to be vocal in their native language. Therefore, if you wish to work and want to be the first preference of the employers then make sure your resume underlines and highlights the skill set of being the German language acquainted.

At German Tutor, we make sure that your dreams come in reality. We believe that learning the German language open better opportunities for you in a foreign country. The working community in Germany demands a better understanding of the German language and to meet its criteria German Tutor works efficiently to spread the wisdom of the German language at a large scale. At these challenging times where people are ought to follow lockdown rules, we have expanded our horizon and open new chapters of learning online.

We connect digitally to our students from all over the world where each one of us shares a passionate bond of learning the German language. Our students who are already in Germany for their higher education also wish to improve their German skills more and also connect with us on the same online platforms. This helps the other students to get the firsthand experience from them directly.

One such interesting story shared by our student

He went to study in Germany and stays in Berlin. At this tough time, he was very much in need of money as he has to take care of his expenditure and survive in Berlin. So in search of a job he struggled a lot as he lacked the German Language skills. The only criterion for getting a well-paid job was to have a good command of the German language. To ease his struggle, he reaches out to German Tutor and registered himself to our online German language course. 

This is not just one case there are many others who had joined our classes from Germany. It’s a classic example and a lesson to many other students, because in a foreign country if you are prepared it's always going to help everywhere not just in finding the job but also in interacting with your friends, shopkeepers, at the railway station, airport, and on daily basis life.

Students who went to Germany assuming that once they will reach there and then they will study the German language while working part-time or studying is a wrong assumption to make. Landing on the first day in Germany will make you realize how difficult it is to survive, particularly if you don't know the German language. Once you have made up your mind about making your carrier in Germany, then it is very much advisable to learn the German language in India itself because here you have a lot of time to prepare and get acquainted with the German language.

This is a learning that we would like to share and request all, be it a student, a professional, or a businessman who is planning to go to Germany. Please ensure that you at least complete the level 1 and level 2. It is very important for you to communicate on a daily basis in their native language. If you wish to complete all the levels, then it’s a big plus for you. It will help you in scoring well and add more value to your earning.