The multi-dimensional scope of foreign language experts in Pune

Published by Shraddha in Foreign language · 5 April 2019

The role of Pune as the global language hub

Pune is called the Oxford of the east, where education is of prime importance. People from all over India and from foreign countries come to this city of pleasant weather for higher studies. Also, a lot of Indians from Pune go abroad for further studies and career opportunities. Owing to such wider horizons of education, many aspirants seek to learn foreign languages in Pune. Foreign language experts that can teach and make their students master the foreign language jargons are in huge demand in this culturally rich city of India

The multi-dimensional scope of foreign language experts in Pune

As far as business and career opportunities are concerned, this is an era of globalization. India is taking strides in establishing its entrepreneurial roots geographically all over the world. The global MNCs are also interested in investing in the Indian markets at the same pace. Hence, there is a need for foreign language experts who can act as a linguistic bridge to transcend the language barriers. Pune is the educational hub and a metro city; the scope of foreign language specialist teachers is growing in leaps and bounds.

Career opportunities for the foreign language experts in Pune

Foreign language expertise is a niche and stupendous career option, especially in a 3-tier city like Pune. It opens up the career door leading to multiple rooms of employment in different public and private sectors such as-

  1. Foreign language trainer in private institutes as well as universities, schools, and colleges.

  2. Foreign language specialist at Foreign Embassies.

  3. Tours & Travel industry.

  4. Voice over, interpretation, & translation.

  5. Publishing & writing in different foreign languages.

  6. International MNCs.

  7. Diplomatic services.

  8. Entertainment industry.

  9. Air Hostess or Flight Steward.

A global language expert is in high demand in metro cities like Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi etc. They land up getting some of the highest paying jobs because of the lesser number of foreign language experts available. Many national and international banks employ the foreign language services as they have to operate globally. At the government level, the most sought-after job for the foreign language specialist is in the department of the Ministry of external affairs.

A polyglot fosters ties between the different parts of the globe with the language services association as the bridge. Here, in Pune, there are numerous aspirants who seek to learn foreign languages every year. The chance to learn a new language is their passport to explore a career in a niche sector in India as well as all over the world.

The show-stopper languages on the global language ramp

Seeking expertise in foreign languages is a task full of interest, dedication, and of-course the relevant use. Learning any one, two, or many languages are totally dependent on every individual’s calling.

Let us take a look at the most popular foreign languages and learn the why’s associated with them.

  1. German- German is the most sought-after language for higher studies in Germany or for exploring career options there. German language experts have the widest scope in Pune. A good number of individuals enroll themselves every year to establish command over this language. The reason being the consideration of Germany as the most efficient educational hub in the world.

  2. French- No one can be called a foreign language expert in Pune if he or she does not know French. This is one of the most taught languages in almost all the schools of Pune. Hence, a graduate course in the French language will add a plume to the crown.

  3. Spanish- This language is indigenous to Latin America and most parts of Europe. Becoming an expert in Spanish will give you a chance to explore better growth perspectives in many countries of the world parallelly. Spanish therefore, have a special place in the foreign language learning domains of Pune.

  4. Chinese- China, being a sister of India because of its Asian origin, have multiple economic ties with this country. The business relations of India and China are in full bloom with the rising economy. A Chinese language expert is therefore in huge demand as surpassing the language barrier can open up many more business opportunities and their smooth transitioning. Also, Chinese being one of the toughest languages of the world, the syntaxes and semantics is hard to interpret. Chinese interpreters are therefore rare and hence the less competition gives the language expert a high rising career in Pune and all other parts of the world.

So here we have answered all the why’s associated with becoming a polyglot. We believe you have more than one reason to step your foot forward in enrolling in one of the best foreign language training institutes in Pune and to keep enjoying the many benefits associated with it.